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Steven Grzbielok IT-Solutions

My name is Steven Grzbielok. I’m a freelance IT-consultant focusing on bringing your data into shape. In short: Database developer and Oracle APEX specialist.


Consulting & Development

Database & Big Data

I am specialized in database development. Data is the new currency and I will help you to get the most value out of your data with the right application.
My weapon of choice: Oracle APEX.

Cloud Infrastructure

Modern applications work best in a modern infrastructure. This simplifies the development process and saves you costs while being flexible. 
I will help you build up innovative solutions in the cloud and move your old applications there.

Scrum & Agile

Fast-paced economical and technological trends create the need to stay flexible. This is especially true for development teams. As a certified Scrum Master I will coach your team in working with Scrum or a customized agile development approach.


Do It the Right Way.

Even for small projects it is very important to keep standards and best practices in mind. You never know how big a project can get and no one likes to hear the excuse that a project is grown historically.

User Satisfaction is Top Priority.

I always work with a user-centered approach in order to ensure that every step during a project provides more value to the user. In the end, this also creates more value for your business.

Stay Flexible.

Speaking of growth: A project should stay as flexible as possible to also satisfy future requirements. Approaching issues with dynamic and flexible solutions helps a business to react efficiently even when the requirements change.

Transparency is Key.

In order to maintain trust and keep productivity high, transparency is a key value in every team. I thrive to build an open culture in my teams so everyone can speak freely about opinions, concerns, failures and ideas.

Great Things in Business are Never Done by One Person.

Even working on a one-man-project you can only achieve great value by utilizing the benefits of working together with others. I like to view my clients and myself as a team. Only working together can create the best solutions.

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Oracle APEX Developer

Transport & Logistics | Large Corporation
18 Months

This role included two Oracle APEX projects: 
Firstly, the refactoring of an existing HR-planning software to enable the usage by regional business sites all over Germany. Secondly, the development of an application as an interface for a new datamart which utilizes huge amounts of machine generated data in order to predict resource needs.

Senior Oracle APEX Developer

Finance | Large Corporation
6 Months

I worked with a mid-sized team to optimize an Oracle APEX app, that implements political workflows and technical automatizations to ensure that backup and other IT-compliance guidelines can be followed easily throughout the whole company. Technical challenges have been to concentrate the data from several systems in one application with ETL tools such as Pentaho or Informatica.

Software Developer & Architect

Legal Advice | Startup
31 Months (part-time)

In a 100% cloud-based project I created and implemented the architecture for a SaaS. This approach helps even small law firms to use the same state-of-the-art solutions, that usually only big corporates could afford. This includes data and document managament in a GDPR-compliant environment.

Java Developer

Professional Services | Large Corporation
5 Months (part-time)

This cloud-based Java project was about AI-based document analysis. My role was to further improve the software quality by implementing individual optimizations and creating QA routines such as unit tests. In addition, I helped to move the app infrastructure to a container based approach with Docker.


IT-Consulting | Mid-Size Corporation
31 Months (part-time)

This long-term employment included several Oracle APEX and Node.js projects like e.g. internal HR-applications, external showcase applications, a marketing landingpage as well as large-scale applications for clients. 
In addition, I regularly hold workshops to coach clients and other developers to help them create valuable solutions on their own.

Articles, Speeches and Videos


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Steven Grzbielok